DIY: Neon shoe caps

I have seen many versions of this DIY and I wanted to try it ever since... It's a really simple DIY and can totally revamp those old pairs of dark dull shoes. I had these dull but comfy grey court shoes I had been meaning to revamp as they are not especially pretty, although work just about fine for formal occasions. Well, don't get me wrong, I love dark shoes as they are fit for almost any and every occasions but I am beginning to level up my style statement and my collection of shoes, so a pair of plain boring grey shoes just wouldn't do anymore now would they? So, here it is, my neon shoe caps but of course with my own style twist of pineapples...

All you'd need for the DIY:
1. Pair of dark shoes
2. Neon acrylic paint
3. Sponge
4. Masking tape
5. White paint, primer or nail paint
6. Golden sharpie
7. Resin flat-backs for embellishments
8. All purpose glue

Step 1: Firstly, tape the caps of the shoes and coat them with white paint or nail paint. This is because not all acrylic paints, especially lighter than the base colour, can be easily applied on dark surfaces without looking dull. So, just to be safe, always coat with a primer.

Step 2: Then take the neon acrylic paint and then dab on...

I was aiming for a more marble like feel so I dabbed the paint rather than painting it  smooth on the caps.

Step 3: Next is the embellishments. I went for "pineapple"!

For this I used two oval flat-backs and 6 long neon rectangle flat-backs. Just glue the rhinestones as follows:

Step 4: Lastly, remove the tapes and add some egdes on to the caps using a golden sharpies.

And there you go!

When dried the paint looks smoother but if you aren't happy with the coat, just apply few more paint coats of paint to make it all flawless.

And now, enjoy!