DIY: Brooch embellished jumper

An extremely easy DIY here... I actually did this DIY a while ago for our last christmas, for my christmas jumper DIY post, however, I decided not to wear it then as my stag jumper was quite a success and I had forgotten all about this DIY since. Anyway, here are a few embellished jumpers for inspirations:

Trust me ladies, and gents if you fancy, this DIY is so easy you can do this with your eyes closed (well, so long as you know you won't stab yourself with pins). This DIY took me like 5 minutes to put together and take pictures, so there you go, a recipe for a fabulous DIY for a glamorous jumper in instant!

Here's all what I needed:

1. A new look jumper - find them here
2. Set of brooches


All you need to do is pin the brooches on to the jumper one by one, randomly. You can use selected brooches, rhinestones, charms and glitters and follow a pattern you'd like to decorate your jumper, or use random brooches like I did and pin them evenly all over the jumper.

And there you go!

Now go bling bling in your newly embellished baby!