Colour Blast

Ok so taking a queue from past years' (2011, 2012, et cetera, et cetera) trending fashions, I thought I will start this year with my own fashion post on colour-blocking and extremely bright and BOLD statements, but Alas! This year has already started with a tad bit of disappointment... My beloved camera just broke... :'( I just hope this is the end of my bad luck... Anyway, until I get to take all my pictures and upload them, here's a little something BOLD for your inspiration!

The trend goes on...

Michelle just rocks the bright colours!

Celebrities in colourblocking

Sweet casual combos

Alice + Olivia Resort 2012

Combo inspirations

Candy style for candy men

Especially love the fabulous shoes!

Colour me likey

Brights, neons and candy

This gives me a DIY idea! Keep an eye out for my DIY soon...

Runway rompers

I especially love the golden belts, they accentuate the bold colours just right.


So there you go, now you know what my next post will be all about... I wanted to keep it as a surprise but never-mind, more opportunity for the rest of the year to do so ;)

See ya!