PVC Clear Bag

I actually got the idea while shopping at my local Superdrug where they had a set of three clear PVC make up bags under £5. I was like "yup, that's mine now!"… And that is pretty much what happened. I just grabbed the bag and made a run for it… Just kidding, lol, I paid of course. Anyway, I love the trend of clear hand bags and this was indeed inspired by several fashionistas at Pinterest, etsy, youtube, fashion blogs, random fashion forums and various other places…

And believe me, the DIY is as simple as the bag is adorable. 

What you'd need:

1. Clear PVC make-up bag (you can get one from here)
2. 1 meter black chained trim (similar here)
3. Hot glue gun
4. 1 suede tassel (such as these)
5. Ring finding

The actual DIY took me about 5 minutes to do… Trust me, it could take LESSER!

Here's how:

Step 1: Use the hot glue gun to glue the trim/chain on to the two sides of the bag just where the zipper starts and ends. For this, you can start by folding the trim once over at the edge to keep it from fraying.

Step 2: Now link the tassel to the zipper of the bag with an O-ring finding to add some sass!

And there you have it… Now wasn't that quick? Didn't I tell you? What did I tell you? Exactly what happened. And when did I tell you? A long time ago! (Ref: family guy)

I just love it so much, been carrying around it for the whole day since yesterday… It works well as a casual day carrier or as a night out clutch. Even makes for an excellent gift. Now if you liked this DIY then definitely go ahead and make your own ;)! 

Stay tuned for next three more DIYs till Xmas…

Love always