DIY: Porcelain cropped top

Porcelain inspired cropped top

Okay, so this DIY is actually a part of another DIY but I will reveal the latter in my next upcoming posts. For now, you can assume that this DIY was inspired by my love for porcelains, especially the delft blue and white style. I decided to make one of my own porcelain inspired top.

Well, it is cropped for a reason which will be clear in due time. The only reason I am posting it as a separate DIY is because it actually works as an outfit of its own, don't you think? It's quite simple and takes at the most half an hour if you are lazy and slow like me.

All you need:

1. One cami swing top
2. 20 Blue flowers
3. Fabric glue
4. Needle and thread (white)

Step 1: So, I started with getting myself a cami swing top.

Step 2: I measured it and cropped it to a required length as this will be essential for my actual DIY that this is a part of.

Step 3: Next I used some fabric glue to glue the pom pom trim on to the edge of the cropped top. Make sure you have a high quality fabric blue.

Step 4: Then I stitched up the 20 blue flower appliqu├ęs on to the top, front and back. This part is the only thing that may take time, I hate stitching so it took me about 15-20 minutes total, mom would have done it in 10 or so.

And it's all DONE!

Goes excellent with a pair of jeans, a fuzzy teddy jacket and delicious pair of heels. 

Well, stay tuned for the big reveal about the secret behind this top. Till then, stay fabulous ;)