DIY: Home-made quick winter accessories part-I

Heya lovebirds, sorry to keep you waiting all day today… Been slightly busy with London!! Anyway, here's the 8th DIY for you, in 2-parts, for home-made winter accessories DIYHere is the first part:


Winter is here and the temperature is dropping faster than you can say "Pride & Style"… I personally am not too keen on cold weather, and believe me when I say this that there are some people who actually like the cold here (O_O)! Anyway, this winter I have decided to make some DIY winter accessories to keep the cold at bay especially the ones I have never owned before such as mittens (surprise!) and ear covers… And the best part? You can actually recycle some of your old accessories and wardrobe items for them without breaking your bank!

What you need:

1. Pair of cozy socks
2. Needle and thread
3. Pair of scissors


Step 1: First of all you would need these really fluffy cozy warm pair of socks that are quite stretchy too.

Step 2: I put it on for size and checked where to make the incision for my fingers.

Step 3: Then I made the incision for the thumb section like so:

Step 4: Now to sew it all up… I sewed and tied tiny knots between the fingers, and I also sewed up the incision around between the index and the thumb.


And there you go… My own cozy mittens good to go for this winter…

So winter, BRING IT ON!!!