DIY: Dior 2013 dress of the year

Sooo, here is a big reveal from my DIY no. 3: DIY imitation(-ish) of the winner of "dress of the year", 2013 at Bath in Fashion. Yup, the blue porcelain top was meant for in fact THIS DIY.

Designed by Raf Simons, the original dress actually came out at the Dior Haute Couture Fall 2012 runway. But it made headlines by winning the dress of the year title in 2013 for Dior collection.

It's a bit of a strange assemble but kinda works perfectly don't you think? Well, it sure is grande! And so is the five figured price tag it comes with (O_O) ! Now hold your horses, who said I can't have it just because of the atrocious cost?? If I can't buy one I'll make one, simple!

Okay, so starting with deconstructing of the original dress to get to my DIY imitation design, this short dress/top is quite formal and not an everyday attire. As you can see, the dress itself is made in layers, the strapless blue layer at the bosom, the second layer that forms the pink and gold body and the last layer is that of the peeking tutu skirt underneath. The dress was inspired from the victorian gowns that flare out like an umbrella with infinite layers of padding, framing and petticoats underneath. But the most impressive part of the design that captures my attention is the contrasting sequin details in pink and blue, my two most favourite colours at harmony with each other in one perfect dress. A job well done by Raf Simons! 

So, here's what I bought:

1. 1 White/cream strapless skater dress
2. Porcelain style cami top 
3. 50-80 pink flowers
4. Fabric glue
5. Optional - Tutu petticoat

Initially I was planning to make an exact replica (well, more or less) with a white layered dress, pink and blue disc sequins and a lovely tutu petticoat underneath. But then I got another idea... A simpler, quicker method that makes not one but two outfits, both fit for summer by themselves and a juicy haute designer grande together… Hence, I made the top which you can check out here.

Next comes making the main body. I kept this part quite simple with just pink appliqués all over the body and that is it. My original piece is a cream skater boobtube dress with a heart shaped bustier. Personally, I totally adore this dress just the way it is...

Now, for the embellishments I used the same type of appliqués as the blue ones to keep the style uniform.

One by one just glue them onto the dress and there you go, a lovely summer dress all ready to go:

And now to assemble the two:

 I love how the top sits on the dress just like the original, loose and swinging…

I wore mine with my porcelain shoes and some simple jewellery…Remember the dress is the main attraction so don't overwhelm the outfit with gaudy jewellery. You can also wear a tutu petticoat under the dress to give it the look closer to the original, I really like it how it is now so I'll give it a miss...

Hope you liked my DIY on DIOR inspired two piece dress. Stay tuned for more upcoming DIYs till Christmas :)