DIY: Dinosaur studs


I once saw a sassy little girl wear an awesome stud made of dinosaur that was cut in half with the two ends sticking out from each side of the ear flap like so:

For reference, here is a pic of one such studs that I found online but not quite my fav:

Ever since, I desperately wanted to do this DIY so I looked and searched.... and looked for tutorials till I found this blog where the blogger did a fantastic job of making her own fab dino studs that I definitely approve of. So, yup, I followed her steps almost to the T except few of my own changes and came up with some cool results... As a matter of fact I even gifted a few out to my ladies...

Here's how:

Tools and items required

1. Rubber dinosaurs
2. Paper cutter
3. Nail polishes of your choice
4. Ear stud posts

Okay so to start with I wanted to gift this to my dino fiend friend who in my opinion is also into punk/rock culture so I decided to make her a pair of black dino studs. I also made some green ones and white ones too. So, I first coloured them with my nail paints...

Then I cut the rubbers dinos in to half with a paper blade.

Now to add the stud posts, simply use some industrial strength glue and just glue the posts onto the head half of the dino.

Now, for the earring backs you can either do what something monumental did and carve out a bowl for the backs to fit. However I found this step quite tricky and annoying since you need to keep checking if the backs sit properly in. So, I just did it for one pair and left the back half untouched for all the other pairs. 

You can just stab the stud into the back half of the dino with ease as it is all made of rubber. Just be sure not to poke it through.

And there you have it :)

Here is a pair I made for myself: