DIY: D&G inspired shoes

So, after a long week of work + DIYs I did this super easy super chic shoe DIY just to match with my other D&G Black and Gold DIYs.

Inspiration: Who else?? D&G

All you'd need:
1. One pair of suede shoes/heels/booties
2. Industrial glue (I used my trusty fabric glue)
3. Golden trimmings and flowers
4. Golden sharpie
5. Pair of scissors

Well, thank god for I had all these available at home already (from old DIYs, and also the shoes) and didn't have to get anything extra at all for this project. Anyway, here it goes...

First of all, for this DIY I wanted something plain-ish, so I used my lovely pair of wedged suede booties that unfortunately hasn't been used that often:

I started with the golden trimming. Apply the glue on the shoes where you'd want to add the trimming and just glue the trimming on. 

Next, I glued on the floral appliqués on to the shoes as such. A tip about project glues - always use clear dry ones, the ones that go clear when dried...You will never have to worry about them smearing on wrong places!

Next I used my golden sharpie -> and drew on whatever doodle came to mind... This in all honesty was actually a time pass while the glue dried...


Now, wasn't that as easy as pie? Seriously, go crazy embellishing any or all of your shoes ;) It's christmas time after all :D