DIY: D&G inspired hairband

So, following after my D&G inspired earring DIY I did a second DIY on the same theme, black and gold, but this time for the hair.

Seriously, I can't even remember the last time I wore a hair band... I mean back when I was a kid, I always sported short hair and so, hairbands were a must, especially as a part of my school uniform. Anyway, when I was going through the D&G 2012 collection for my upcoming DIY that I will be posting shortly, I felt strongly to give the hairband DIY a try, partly cause it looked so cute and easy, and also because I had everything in my DIY kit already ;)


Well of course D&G's is wayyy extravagant... It's Dolce and Gabbana! Well, nothing to worry, we can make it :) Trust me when I say this, this DIY is freakin' easy! All you need:

1. A black hairband, any width
4. Pearl beads
5. Crystal beads
6. Golden beads
7. Hot glue gun
8. Needle and thread (preferably golden)

Let's get it started....

First use the hot glue gun to glue on the golden trimming on to the hairband. Glue the ends well so that the trimming does not unthread.

Now one by one add the beads and embellishements... I first glued on the rose spacers:

Then I sewed on the pearls on to the hairband using the needle and thread.

Next is the bling factor! 

Glue on the crystals. Use as many crystals as you like of as many shapes. I used AB clear crystals as they give this rainbow reflection from each facet that I just love...

Now, to tidy up the mess: sew some golden tube beads to conceal the thread all over the headband...

Finally, touch up the non-matching parts or to add extra bling go over the spots with golden nail paint. Another trick you can do to conceal the mismatching golden thread over black is colouring the threads with black sharpie where obvious such as sided of the hairband.


In perfect harmony with my Black and Gold danglers:

Life of the party!

"Now go ahead girl.... Show 'em whatcha got!"