DIY: D&G inspired dangler earrings

Yup, I have finally done it... My very own D&G 2012 autumn/winter collection inspired earrings to go with my new D&G inspired black and gold DIY dress and hairband that I will be posting up REAL soon! To be honest I had no clue that I would have to hardly spend anything for this one. Actually, it so happened that I had all the items already available lying around at home so there...

Anyway, before we get on with the DIY, here are the inspirations:

 Stunning aren't they? 

Well, to get on with the DIY, here's what you would need:

1. A pair of gold danglers
2. Pair of black fimo roses
3. 2 inch and half long chains
4. Pair of black and gold studs
5. 8 rectangle AB clear flatbacks (optional)
6. Golden sharpie (optional)

Well, in all fairness, I had bought the earrings long ago from thrift shops and such, not knowing they would come soooooo handy someday ;) As for the roses, again to be entirely honest, I had bought a packet of mixed coloured fimo roses a couple of years ago and two of the 10 roses were black. During the time I was pretty effed up since I didn't have any use for it, but guess I did afterall...

Anyway, here's what I did:

Step 1: Lay them in the arrangement that would make you happy :)

Step 2: First of all, join the chain with the dangler using a connector.

Step 3: Now, glue on the fimo roses at the centre of the danglers.

Step 4: Now you can either add the AB clear crystal rectangles on to your earrings for extra bling or leave it as it is. I added 4 per danglers before assembling the danglers with the studs.

Step 5: As a final step (again optional) I used my golden fine tip sharpie to add details to my roses so that they look extra sophisticated!



Your D&G inspired earrings are ready to jam with you alllllll night ;)

I am sooooooooo loving it!