DIY: D&G guilded dress

People people! It is finally time for my DIY dress I have been so eagerly waiting to post... I can't believe I have finally done it, and right on time for christmas ;) I have been talking about it since last week I guess with the DIY inspo post to my other D&G inspired DIYsWhile D&G's original pieces look more edgy yet feminine, mine are slightly more simple and subtle. Well, I am a novice so please excuse my simple DIYs...

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D&G on celebrities:

This DIY is one of the more advanced DIYs I have ever done mostly cause it required a bit of designing (which I absolutely love) and sewing (which I totally suck at...) but trust me, if I can do this, so can everyone. It is quite easy, provided you don't mind sitting and ironing for ages, cause honestly that is ALL I actually did.

So, let's get on with it shall we?

What you'd need:

1. Playsuit: 
2. Golden lace appliqués and trims - more the merrier
3. Gold chunky necklace
4. A chiffon blouse to sacrifice...


1. Pair of scissors
2. Iron-on tape
3. Hemming pins
4. Iron
5. Needle and golden thread
6. Four hooks
7. Fabric glue


So, I started off with the front part of the dress. The most prettiest  and grandest of the golden motifs that I had. To start with I pinned the motif on to the front neckline.

Then ironed it on to the dress.

I also added a few flowers on it to add extra texture and design.

Here is the final look:


Next came the neck: this was the easiest bit where I used a chunky floral necklace and attached it on to my dress' collar with fabric glue.


The sides were fairly easy since all I had to do was iron the appliqués on as shown:


Next, for the back, I had to sew on the appliqués on to the lace back since it is rather difficult to iron on to lace that well without damaging it, or it's just me being, well, just me...


And finally, the most difficult bit, attaching extra sleeves: I actually took a shortcut (as usual :p) and cut the sleeves out from a chiffon blouse I had (it was from monsoon but I have other plans for the dress anyway so it was all good). So, I cut the sleeves through the dotted lines in the first pic and then pinned it on to the playsuit (from the inside).

...and sewed it together... Simple!

Now for the golden trimming: I measured out the trim for 3/4th sleeve cuff and then cut them out and ironed them on to the sleeves. Then I attached two hooks per cuffs with golden thread.


I paired it with my DIY headband...

And my DIY earrings ;)

Oh and I did do a D&G inspired DIY shoes to go with the outfit for one of the most coveted christmas parties held annually :)...

Here is the whole collection:


So ladies, what do you think about my DIYs?

Love always...