DIY: Christmas Jumper


So, Christmas is right here and along with the beaconing of weight gain and food overdose, christmas jumpers are an absolute MUST. To be honest, I have never own a christmas jumper myself… The last time I remember wearing anything remotely close to the theme was my red overcoat… Well, now I do… Actually, it is still not the conventional red or green or blue jumper with gaudy cartoons but it conveys the message well.

I went for a more versatile design than the usual xmas specials, a stag silhouette, since this means that I can very much as well wear it on any given day without the worry of scrutiny ;) I love stag head designs, in fashion and otherwise, as a matter of fact I intend to do a LOT more DIYs based only around this very theme such as jewellery, clothing, wall hangs and art, etc. So consider this as the very first of its kind :)

Now I am not as good a knitter as my bodacious mom, as a matter of fact the last time I knit was in my 3rd grade craft class… Yup, ancient history…. But I sure can do my own DIY on a store bought jumper, am I right?!

Here's what I used:

1. Plain cream jumper
2. Gold fabric paint
3. Painting sponge
4. Stag head template
5. Iron
6. Black fabric pen

Step 1: I cut out the template out of a paper but it was a bit too small for my jumper.

So, I just used the silhouette and drew a draft pic over my jumper.

Here's a printable for your use… merry xmas ;)

Step 2: Then little by little I started dabbing my paint over the jumper. For my jumper I used the golden fabric paint

Step 3: Once done, I let it dry and then outlined the picture with a black fabric pen. This is so because the picture had a bit of a rough outline due to the woollen nature of the material. You don't necessarily have to do this step if your outline is neat and smooth.

Step 4: Lastly, iron over it to seal it in. And this is what it turned out like…

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Now, I can proudly wear my very own xmas jumpers this year and the whole of winter to come… After all, Owl is not the only favourite animal for all…