DIY: Ankle straps

Bright ankle straps

Inspired by Burberry tribal beaded heels...

I absolutely love neons and bright colours. I had wanted to do this DIY for a long time now but I just never got around to do it. But it just so happened that I bought these cheap pair of heels this past spring cause they were so cute but unfortunately horribly uncomfortable. The problem was that the shoes don't have enough material to cling on to the feet so they slip off easily especially when walking fast. 

And just so you know, it so happened that I actually fell on my bum right in the middle of the highway with the shows flying in different directions and the worse, the highway was full of traffic (*red face!!!*) So I decided that either I am going to bin these horrible shoes or make them ankle straps to secure them around me tightly. So, here's what I did:

I used:
1. Some pearl beads
2. Clear elastic string
3. 2 Lobster clasps
4. Few finding rings/chains
5. Pink and coral orange nail paints

Oh and a pair of shoes...

So, first of all I painted beads with the nail paint. Mind you it can be a bit messy, tedious and difficult to  paint each of these beads so I used skewer sticks to put the beads in and then paint them.

Next, to assemble… I used the clear elastic string, long enough to go twice around the ankle, with a bit to spare. 

Then I put either a finding ring or a lobster clasp in the middle of the string and secure it by tying several times.

Next, one by one just put in the beads… Pink in one side, coral orange in the other. I needed about 28-30 beads each colour per anklet.

Now tie the strings around a ring. 

At this stage, check if the anklet is long enough, if not or if you feel you need it to be more loose, attach as many ring findings as you feel necessary.

And there you go, neon or brightly beaded anklet ready:

No parade :D

Hope you like it, I will be doing more anklet DIYs in the near future… Till then, love always :*