Christmas Countdown: 10 Days 10 DIYs

The Countdown Begins

Yeah for Christmas... I have always loved festivals and traditions... Not just christmas but also many MANY other such amazing jolly festivals. However, Christmas has a special feel to it... The streets all come alive with canopy of bright lights, the old jingle bell songs playing at every street and corners, the sweet smell of mulled wine and spices, and christmas decorations all over the town...  Oh and the food, how can anyone forget the food?? The wide assortment of goodies, roast turkeys, pies, cakes, puddings, wine and what not... Yup, Christmas truly is magical...

So, for this year's Christmas I will be doing some holiday specials! With 10 funky DIYs for whole 10 days to Christmas, some easy some sassy, this should be a fun season ;)... 

I just hope to keep you entertained!

Here are some highlights of my Christmas from last year:

(Photos by Pride and Style)