Sea of Red: Remembrance poppies

This has been one hell of a poppy week! 

As you can already see in my blog I had done some poppy DIYs as a tribute to the fallen soldiers of WWI and their family on Remembrance day, well I finally made it to the Tower of London to witness their special tribute too.

The Sea of red around the Tower of London
You know, this year has been wonderful for me in MANY ways. I have had a list of places, especially fields/farms, that I had wanted to visit here in UK, which were:
  1. Lavender farm,
  2. Rapeseed farm,
  3. Tulip farm,
  4. Poppy field,
  5. Vineyards.
Well, I can happily say that I have successfully covered the first three already (you can read about them here, here and here) and have decided to leave the vineyards for later as I missed the harvesting and grape picking season this time with all the travelling I had been doing (they pick/harvest between september to october). 
As for the poppy fields, although I didn't get to visit a proper poppy field this time around as it turns out it is rather a hard one to track down, you see there is no such thing as a "poppy field" I found, just barren lands that happen to be filled with poppies by chance, as seen here:

Spectacular isn't it!?

Yes, I was hoping to track one down and pay it a visit but like I said, you can never be sure when they bloom, where they'd bloom and as they have a very short blooming life, it would be extremely difficult to get to any of these fields on time. Anyway, this weekend, as a consolation, I did go to a poppy field of a kind... Not real poppies but they serve the purpose none the less. I went to see the spectacular Remembrance Day poppies at the Tower of London put up annually as a spectacular aggregated sculpture of 888,246 crimson ceramic poppies that cover the grounds around the tower for everyone to behold. This installation is called the "blood swept lands and sea of red" and is designed by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper.

Well, all I can say is:

Tower of London + Thames View + Lobster dinner = Awesome!

Here are the pics from this weekend's London trip:

Tower of London
Tower of London surrounded in red
Ceramic Poppies
Carpet of ceramic poppies
Little seagull
More poppies
Amazing vantage point
Selfie time with the lovelies
"Oh the crimson wonder..." Beholding something grand... 
Courtesy - Samiksha
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red
Courtesy - Samiksha
The ceramic flower on display
Courtesy - Samiksha
Oh! and did I mention that the view of river Thames from the Tower of London is no less spectacular? 

Here's a little view: 

The Tower bridge, the round City Hall, HMS Belfast and the Shard by the River Thames

The Shard
From the London Bridge
Tower Bridge
HMS Belfast and The City Hall
By the shore
Finally a fine end to a fine day:

Delicious lobster dinner at Borough Market, London Bridge 
All in all, it was a fantastic day that couldn't have gone any better... 5 stars to the day, 5 stars to the designers of the Blood carpet, and 5 stars to the lobsters. Do pay a visit to any or all of the places i.e. Tower of London especially during the Remembrance time, the beautiful river side of Thames, and also the busy and exquisitely interesting Borough Market for some amazing food, just across the London Bridge from the Tower.

Well, that's all for now folks!

Have a great week ahead...