Poppy nail art

For the Remembrance Day here's a new nail art that involves my favourites, flowers... Yup, I did a quick nail art with poppies for the occasion to go with the flow. It's quite simple and very pretty. 

Here's what you'd need:

1. Yellow base nail paint
2. Red nail paint
3. Clear top coat nail paint
4. Black sharpie

Step 1: First apply the yellow coat on the nails for the base. You can even use white or any colour you prefer.

Step 2: Then apply small patches of the red on the nails randomly. This would make for the flower petals.

Step 3: Now for the centres, use a black sharpie and make small dots on the centre of the flowers.

Step 4: Lastly, apply one last top coat of clear enamel paint... And there you have it...

Ridiculously easy wasn't it? Seriously, you don't have to be an artist or a pro to be able to do this. I mean, if you have the tools, this can be done within 5 minutes! Having fast drying nail paints come in handy too. Now, enjoy making your own :) TA!