Movember fever

Yup, it's "Movember" and I am getting ready to grow (or make) my own set of stache... Yup, we all need our own dose of masculinity sometimes! So here are some items and DIY ideas to purchase or make from tops to jewellery to all sorts of household items all with their own moustaches ;{)

Cool handlebar moustache vest

Moustache purse

My colourful stache cutout!

Stache necklace

My own stache ring :)

Cute shoes DIY from A matter of style

"Movember" special cappuccino at my Uni cafĂ©

Party favours and masks

Wedding props

DIY mugs with attitude


And now here is the whole range you can go for:

So ladies, let's get our DIY gloves on and GET GOING!

Say hello to the handsome baby!