Emily Blincoe

Hear hear... Look what I've found... A fabulous new favourite photographer : Emily Blincoe! Don't know about you but I have only recently stumbled across her work and I must say, I absolutely love them.

Seriously, what an eye for colour... Hailing from Texas, Emily has a gift for amazing photography... From portraits with matching outfits to the background, to colour coded pretty arrangements using flowers, treats, egg shells, or just about any thing, her photography skills as well as the ideas are all really worth appreciation... So much colour, so much fun...


And what has she got to say about her inspirations?

"i find inspiration in faces, shapes, colors, light and quiet little moments. most days you can find me wandering in the tall grass somewhere between austin and nashville with my dog, eleanor." - Emily

She has even worked with brands like Mercedes, Levi's, Converse, GAP, ebay and target among many others. All pics and prints can be found in her website. And many of her lovely prints are for sale too that can be bought straight from here.

Hope you enjoyed them...

Until next time.

Oh and keep smilin' cause...