DIY: Stache mug

It's the end of November but still not out of the mo-season a.k.a Movember, all for the cause of testicular cancer awareness when men all put on their big guy socks and grow a cool stache! But, as a matter of fact, as you all might have already seem for quite sometime now that the stache style is also quite a favourite for women, with moustache styles tee-shirts, tops, purses, i-phone covers, jewellery and what not. Personally, I totally dig the style :) That's why I decided to do a few DIYs of my own.

So, I am a little late, but then it is better late than never ;) Well, I couldn't do too many as I have been SERIOUSLY busy for these past few weeks with work and research, so I am going to start with a super cute and super easy DIY - mustachio mug. 

For this DIY I used:
1. A white mug,
2. Black sharpie,
3. Handlebar mustachio template,
4. Nail polish remover
5. Cotton swab

Right, to start with, I first made my own simple template out of scrap in about a minute. For this all you'd need is:
1. A piece of paper, 
2. Pen, 
3. Pair of scissors

Now, to make the template fold the paper into half and draw half of a handlebar mustachio on to the folded part of the paper and cut it out using a pair of scissors, this will make for a cool symmetrical mustachio template (Yeah!)

Now place the template on the mug and fill in the cut out space with the black sharpie. 

Once you remove the template off of the mug you might find that a bit of the sharpie might have spread over the mug so you can touch it up with some nail polish remover and a cotton swab or ear bud.

And there you go!!!

Have fun making your own ;)

More movember much mustachio DIYs ;)