DIY: moustache necklace

Hey hey, it's DIY sunday!

Oh! I have always wanted to make one of these and now that I have, I am going to wear it EVERYDAY! Yup, I really do enjoy moustache DIYs, fashion statements and styles ;) So, here is my own enamel-look moustache necklace.

For this, I used:
1. Moustache charm
2. Gold chains with lobster claw
3. Permanent markers
4. Clear enamel top coat

Step 1: My charm was in silver and my chains were gold so I used the yellow permanent sharpie to colour the charm to give it a nice goldenish sheen. Then I used the black marker over the charm to give it an enamel feel.

Step 2: Finally, I topped it over with clear nail paint to give it the enamel look and protect the marker from any scratches. You can skip this step if you wish.

Step 3: Next, just connect the chains, the lobster clasp and the charm together.

And there you go my lovelies :) Your own little piece of masculine charm!

Simple wasn't it?!?

And guess what, I could also use it as a sweet bracelet ;)