So, as I was typing down all I have to say about Amsterdam, I realised that one single post was not going to be enough... I mean there is just SOOOOO much to talk about! Hence, I would update you with more detailed posts in due time, but first, here's a little gist of Amsterdam...

Right, before coming to Amsterdam there were only few things that I did know about the city such as:

a) Their canals... Lots and lots and lots of them running through the entire city, interconnected like a giant geometric spider web...

Satellite view of Amsterdam via google maps

b) Every one LOVED cycling... Something I heard one too many times from all my friends who have already been to the beautiful city.

c) My favourite artist, Vincent Van Gogh's original museum resides here... That itself is enough to lure me in the first place.

d) You can casually order and smoke pot in almost any coffee shop in the town.

e) It is world famous for tulips.

f) And the most visited, most (in)famous of all - the Red Light district...

But it was only when I came to one of the most popular tourist destination in the world that I realised that Amsterdam is so much more! Such as all the grand and impressive museums you could visit... The art culture of the city... The rich history involving the canals, handmade delft china, medieval torture, one of the oldest profession in the world in the red light district, as well as diamonds... The readily available weed products and goodies... The tulip market and the CHEEEEEEESE... Gosh, there is just so much to talk about... I will let you in on everything starting from where to go, what to do and what to get in more posts to come... Until then, have a glimpse of Venice of the North, "Mokum" a.k.a Amsterdam:

All pictures by Pride and Style unless stated