Mixed Media Art

This is a mixed media art: 

This is a very intrinsic mixed media painting done by a mixed media artist called Rachel.

I personally take her as my mixed media art guru. She's AMAZING! I could lose a whole day in her yourtube channel!

Mixed media refers to an artwork that involves more than one medium such as paints, ink, plasters, charms, and collages. Mixed-media artworks are not the same as "multimedia art" mind you. The term multimedia art implies a broader scope than mixed media, combining visual art with non-visual elements such as recorded sound, videos, etc. or with elements of the other arts such as literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity.


The technique of creating a mixed media art all lies in the art of working with layers! It is very important to know and choose the proper layers and allow enough drying time between the layers before the work is complete to ensure the final work will not fall apart. If many different media are used it is equally important to choose a sturdy foundation upon which the different layers are imposed.

For Example here are steps first to last:


1. Base > 2. Background layer (such as texturing) > 3. Background print (such as patterns or background painting) > 4. Various top layer (1 or more) > 5. Decor over the top layer (such as collage, stencilling shading or painting) > Final product

Different mediums:

Here, take a look at website like craftsy that shows how-to methods of making mixed media arts with various tools such as:

1. Using different painting mediums like pencils, pens, watercolours, acrylic paints and pencil colours:


2. Then there are other ways where you can also add collages like newspaper, magazine or book pages, photographs, flowers (paper, dry or silk), metal or plastic charms, buttons, etc. Like here from marjiekemper:


3. Just paper collages and paint like here from Craftsy:
4. And even use various mixed media tools like brushes, sponges, knifes, fingers, and even train tickets and gift cards, from example like here from mixedmediaart:

So, I hope you found this post interesting and helpful. I am sure inspired to do some myself, although to be honest I have indeed used mixed media technique before, will be posting pictures later. Anyway, before wrapping it all up, here is another favourite mixed media artist, Vicky Papaioannou who makes the prettiest jornal pages EVER!

Enjoy and be inspired :) !!!