Le portrait

With halloween just around the corner, here are a few skull pop art collages I have come up with, inspired by an advert I once saw on a lamppost in Austria for an art exhibition/museum, this is a very easy art piece to make… Sadly, I for the life of me cannot find the original inspiration in google :( So, here is my tribute to that great artist :)

This is what the ad picture looked like
Here are some more that I made inspired by the original...

Finally the last one especially for the upcoming halloween:

Simply find two or three different pictures, I used a skull, a normal portrait and bowl of fruits, and cropped them for the different pics, changed their background colours at sometimes, enlarged or reduced the size of each to align with others. As you can see I also love pineapple art and working with pineapple as a theme (DIYs and arts coming up soon). Now just arrange them in the order you like and there you go… "Un chef-d'oeuvre" at your service :D

Ayez un beau jour!!!

P.S: If you want an original print file please write a comment below and send me an email.