...aaand I'm back :)

WOW! This has been a ridiculously slow month! I mean, not like I didn't do much, I actually did A LOT that could fill up for this month like I went to an indoor skydiving facility for an experience of a lifetime! Not quite like the real deal but quite rousing in itself. I cooked and hosted two dinner parties for 8 of my friends... There were curries, oh yes, LOADS of them, there were wines, reds and whites, and loads of fun too. I had prepared my beloved traditional bodo dish "ondla", butter chicken masala, lamb coconut curry, lots and lots of veg. pulao, bengali favourite "rogan gosht", and even indian vegetarian delicacies, "choley" (chick peas) and "palak paneer" (spinach with cottage cheese). I had even made fresh mango jam and my very special (all thanks to lovely Sreeparna) mango cheesecakes... 

Not only that, I had 100s of DIYs, arts and ideas to share this whole autumn and the drafty month of October which I had been waiting for since spring... Like halloween costumes, pumpkin ideas, my new arts that I'll soon be publishing on Societ6 (fingers crossed)... I even found two new fabulous DIY websites: 
1. Always Rooney : She is big on all things natural and going hands down to the basics... Creating OMG-mazing DIYs all from scratch!

2. Studio DIY : A fabulous and colourful blog/website by Kelly, she is big on sprinkles and a major party diva... Her pics and ideas have some character to them... Totally in love! Need a last minute, quick and extremely cheap but equally fabulous costumes and party themes? Just pop down to www.studiodiy.com and look no further!

I am really happy to have found these two blogs and was really hoping to try a few DIYs out myself. But alas, I have been pretty caught up with PhD (since my birthday tbh), plus the recent conference ordeals got me short on money (sucks to be a student sometimes), also planning my next Europe trip before my Schengan (European unions under Schengan treaty) visa expires or just a next big holiday in general... Because of all this my poor blog had been stagnant for quite a while :( (boo!)

I am sincerely SOOOOOO very sorry!

Well, here I am again. Will be talking about few things on my mind like Festivals... Did you know India just celebrated three major festivals in past two months? And the fourth one is just around the corner right before Halloween. Which brings me to Halloween... Oh! I am flustered with the thought of things I had planned for this Autumn and halloween but couldn't do. I will try my best for some quick simple things in next few weeks... If not, I promise I will make it up to you!

Anyway, till then, here are some of my pics from an exilerating indoor skydive experience ;)

Love always,