Coral creatures

Now, here is a colour I just cannot understand… It's a bit bright, it's a bit bold, yet quite calm, it is neither red nor orange yet it falls in either categories with ease when need be… It's like mixing orange juice with raspberry… mmmmm! Well, the only fruit I can think of that actually explains "coral" is most probably a watermelon...

I came across this colour many a times before but never really paid much attention to it until the spring of 2012… This was THE colour of the season… all the seasons rather... People wore dresses, shorts, trousers, tops, shirts, skirts, shoes and all that there is to wear in this colour… As a matter of fact I myself have a dress, a pair of trousers, a vest, and a pair of shorts in this very colour, the shades varying ever so slightly. So, there you go…
Some colours intentionally or unintentionally creep into your wardrobe and make their own little space. And it is then when you realise what a lovely colour it really is… 

To me, now that it's autumn, coral in THE COLOUR that compliments the season and the nature's bronze tanning the best.

Although slightly too bright compared to pastels, a lighter shade of coral can be worn just like any pastel… I heart this colour from winter, all the way through spring, parading in it during summer up until falls, then do it all again :D

Corals of all shades

Power couple: Coral + mint 

Wow! Now that's a perfect fit… They go together so well like the coral yin to minty yang… like peanut butter and jelly… like tea and scones… like fish and chips… like sugar and spices… Well, you get the idea! I love wearing my coral trousers with my mint jumpers… And alternatively I also team my bright coral top with mint trousers… They look so cool together… Soft to the eyes in summers, lively for dull winters. 

Here are some of my favourite combos to incorporate coral in the day to day life. Sorry for the quality of the pictures and modelling... It was all taken between work to show the versatility of the colour and the comfort of the attire combo.

Autumn/Winter archives

Combo no. 1:

Here I have my mint 3/4 sleeved knit jumper on paired with black and white stripped vest underneath, a pair of coral trousers, lemon yellow nail paint, my favourite brown biker boots and a cute mint owl bag.

Combo no. 2:

Coral reds are very flattering on pale skins especially. On tanned skins like mine a lighter shade of coral looks best… Or straight reds, but that defeats the whole purpose of wearing coral at all… Here is my 2nd attire, my coral trousers with black (faux) leather jacket and black heart prints on cream loose cami top. Accessorised with a pair of black suede wedge booties, my pearly hippie sunglasses and long pearl gold chains.

I feel, coral goes hand-in-hand with black and white/cream.  The cute heart prints + plain coral = loving it :)

In love with my new bright coral red nail paints too...

Combo no. 3:

They also go "oh so well" with denim and black. Don't you think? Here I'm wearing the coral trousers with black vest, black pumps and my favourite denim jacket.

 Spring/Summer trends

Combo no. 1:

Dress it up!

What else but a dandy little dress for spring eh?

This here is my very simple coral dress. It's quite a plain sleeveless dress with white frilly-collared bust. Perfect for my work/lab environment and doesn't it match perfectly with the early spring coral tulips too?

Here I'm wearing the lovely dress with my stone coloured skater trench coat, black rose laced leggings and black high boots, accessorised with my pearl-gold chain.

Combo no. 2:

Coral hot Shorts and lilac men's shirt.

Colour infusion: Coral + Lilac + Gold

Yup, I raided my man's closet and stole his lilac shirt ;) A tad bit big for me but all good for a casual day. Plus the colour combo just makes it aaaaalright!

I combined my coral shorts with the lilac shirt, gold belt, nude T-strap pums and coral earrings...

Of course there are many other combos you can try out...These are my simplest of the looks for day to day + PhD life. Not too loud yet pretty sensual.


Here's a recap from this year's spring tulip blooms

Oh spring! Every year you bring the rich burst of colours, it could make a blind man confused!!! My personal spring favourites are the purple lavenders, bright yellow daffodils and coral tulips!

Right then... Here's all I got... See you next time with more colour bomb!