Work and Art

Sometimes work can be quite plain and frankly, just so god damn boring... Especially if you are sitting on a desk, waiting for things to happen. Well, after three days of a volunteer desk job (at the Uni), I decided to utilize my time with small doodles, and exchange of art with a very talented colleague... Needless to say, never saw where time flew!!!

Being a cartoonist and working for actual comic artists, my swift-handed friend, Mr. Steve, has a pachant for DC comic heroes, especially (my personal favourite) Batman. He had been making little caricatures and doodles the whole time. And when he realized my interest in comics too, he made these two "doodle" of batman in a jiffy just when I was attending my tasks... Red one has Batman looking for a change by the parking booth which he made yesterday, and the blue one he made today was one where Batman was being a jerk XD... Love his imagination!

Na na na na na na.... BATMAN
These are two of the four awesome doodles he gave me, out of the many that he made all throughout the day, which he was distributing to others too. So, in return, here are the two doodles I felt obliged to give him as a gift. Of course mine took longer to make...

Nature's eyes doodle
Of course I drew flowers... what else :p

The touch
Well, here's to procrastination and the world of doodling!

Love always,