When it Falls...

Good bye Spring... And hello Falls! 


 Yes my dearies, today is the first day of autumn.

The season of fire!!! LOL! Not really, just that with all the colour of falls it really looks like the forest's on fire :) Oooh the bright colours... I am so loving it... At least till it all turns grey and sad in winters :( Anyway, falls is my second favourite season of the year, right after springs. The weather is soothing, the air is fresh, the sky all bronze with the coloured-leaves canopy, the ground all covered in a carpet of warm colours. Yeah, I'm sure you can tell, I am all about nature and colours ;p


 And this brings me to the fashion statement for the falls. Not quite the daisy-dukes season, but neither the fluffy jumpers and heavy coat time too. Keep it light but warm...

Here are a few tips from yours truely :)

1. Flashing colours!
Blending in...

 Falls, much like Spring, is a season of colours, but more inclined towards warm tones, so, either keep it equally colourful to blend in, or wear bold colors to stand out amidst the hues. You do NOT have to stick to the falls colours... Go green or blue... Make yourself SHINE!

2. That cozy warmth underneath...

http://www.smartmagpa.com/2013/10/09/fashion-panel-how-can-ladies-stay-warm-and-stylish-in-corporate-wear/ http://uwstoutandabout.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/stoutfits-helen-stieve/

I simply love leg warmers. With these you can still wear that cute little dress and pretty skirts.

3. They say longer is better...

Love me long time!
These are the winners IMHO! That way, you keep it warm yet sensual and airy :)

4. Boot it up!


Boots make up for every thing... Even that god awful hat :p Lol! Just kidding I love hats, just not on me :p...

5. When nothing seems to work... Just scarf!

Warm bodies...
Like I said, I'm not much of a hat person but a good scarf is all I need to keep that autumn wind at bay! They really can make up a wardrobe and a quick style statement...

6. Hit the trench


How can you EVER go wrong with trench coats? Either plain, printed or patterend, trench coats look uber chic and classy, any given season!

Hope you liked my simple tips....... Here are a few more ways to style up:
L-R: Bright colours, denim jacket, long jumper with leather jacket, booties and scarf, woollen dress (a nice touch with the hat)
I know, I preach but I don't follow... I mean I do but I must prove it too. Stay tuned for my fashion posts on how to wear for Autumn... See you soon! Till then...


Happy Autumn!!!