My Disney Paris Birthday :D

YUP! That's how I roll!!!

Actually this is the first time I have actually done something really grand for my birthday… Well, I had been planning on visiting Paris and Disney Paris for a very long time, but this year I just thought "Why not combine the two?" And so the plan was born!

True for some I might be too old for disney, but well… To hell with them lol! I won't lie, this is my first time to Paris and second time for Disney this year (first one being Disneyland, Orlando in May). Well, Disney's a dream for almost ALL the kids as well as adults with children, or who are still young at hearts. I mean who wouldn't want to revisit their childhood and meet their childhood heroes (even if made of foam and plastic, or a sweaty man behind a suit)? I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be able to run around like a child in a Disney theme park without a care in the world, watch the parade, get on as many rides as many times as possible, have some quality food, and finish it all up with the most enchanting light and fireworks show…

Oh and don't forget the souvenirs!

The most perfect closure to my birthday :) And I will surely return for more!

Here's a little glimpse of a birthday girl who's still a little child at heart:


Lol! The priceless expressions are priceless! 

 "Baby you're a firework… C'mon let your colours burst!"
Here are the beautiful pics from amazing artistic daily evening short movie with fireworks show by the magic kingdom palace.

Breathtaking... Anyway, with that ended the first day of my "new year". Hope you enjoyed them :)

Photo Credit: My amazing pal - Yin Ki (Kiki) Fong