Kachumbar salad

Since I was little my folks loved gardening. My mom having green fingers, she was an avid gardener. Everyday we were blessed with numerouse bright flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables in our very own kitchen garden such as cucumbers, pumpkins, spinach, potatoes, onions, carrots, etc and even herbs like cilantros, mints, peppers... Such was life, fresh and delicious. 

Naturally, all our vegetarian dishes were organic and freshly plucked from the garden, and we also always had a side of salad. Now, the types could vary everyday such as slices of cucumbers, carrots, onions and bird-eye chilli, or it could be garden greens. But my favourite has always been the "kachumbar" (chopped vegetables). Sadly I haven't eaten it for about 2 years now...

The recipe is very easy, you can chop up any of your favourite salad vegetables and you can never go wrong. Recently I discovered that India is not the only place that eats the kachumbar salad, it's also a popular delicacy in Africa, known as "kachimbari", and prepared in a very similar way is the labonese salad "tabbouleh". For the best results you would need the freshest of the ingredients... Here is my version that I've made after ages...


1. 6-7 Cherry tomatoes halved
2. 1 Cucumber 
3. Hand full of spinach
4. 3 Stems of mint
5. Handfull of corriander
6. 1 Red onion
7. Salt to taste
8. Black pepper
9. Dash of lemon juice
10. (Optional) Mixed dried herb powder


Step 1: First of all I chopped the cucumber into small dices and put it in my bowl. I did the same with a red onion bulb and put it in the bowl too.

Step 2: Then I took all the leaves together, washed them and then chopped them all up together finely. Tossed it all into the bowl with the chopped cucumber and onion. Then I finally added the halved cherry tomatoes too.

Step 3: I sprinkled some lemon juice in it and then sprinkled some salt, black pepper, herbs and tossed them all together couple of times.

And you are all done!

Mmmm.... So refreshingly rich in flavour...  What my mom also used to do sometimes is add ground roast black sesame powder. Tastes just wonderful! 

Now enjoy!!!

Love always from...

JB’s Kitchen