Floral flavoured water

Garden fresh!
Here is another edition of flavoured water. The first one that I did was using only fresh and juicy fruits, but this one is only with FLOWERS and squash. I didn't put a lot of squash cause that would drown the natural flavour and scent of the flowers, I just added enough to give the water a tinie-tiny bit of sweet taste and colour.

Here are the two types I made:
1. Rose and fuchsia
2. Marigold

You will need:

Few rose petals,
Few marigold petals,
2 fuchsia flowers,
1 tablespoon black current squash,
1 cup water

Very simple to make, just like the first one. Take some wine or champagne glasses and drop in the fuchsia flowers and rose petals in one, while in the other drop in some marigold petals. Now, fuchsia doesn't have any scent of its own hence I put it with heavy scented rose whereas marigold has a strong spicy scent so it's best to leave it on its own.

In a cup, mix a splash of blackcurrent squash with some water. Now, just pour it into the flower glasses. You will see that as soon as you pour the liquid the flowers will float up. They look so gorgeous… 

Well, next time, I'll use flowers instead of olives in cocktails and soft drinks ;)