DIY: Rhinestone bracelet

Hello my lovelies... Long time since my last DIY,  here is a quick DIY for a rhinestone bracelet. This is the remaining rhinestone trim that I had left from the DIY belt I made. I really liked the look of a bow while I was playing around with the trim for different designs. So, I went with a bow design for my bracelet. Hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY...

What you'd need:
1. Rhinestone trim
2. Needle and beige thread
3. Two golden hooks

Step 1: Take a piece of trim the size of your wrist. You could also take it slightly larger than your wrist size for a nice loose fit.

Step 2: Grab two hooks and sew them to one end of the trim with a beige thread.

Step 3: Pinch the trim in the middle and sew it to give it a bow shape.

Step 4: Now here is an additional extra you can do. Take a resin gem and glue it over the bow centre.

And there you go...