DIY: Diamantè belt

Hello hello my lovelies! Here's a new DIY on how to make your own diamantè belt… It is so simple, easy and quick, you can make one just before the night out and glimmer your night away!

Here's what you'd need:

1. A meter of golden diamantè trim
2. Two hooks
3. A pair of scissors
4. Needle and thread

Step 1: Measure and check how long you would want your belt to be, I wanted mine to be just around my waist so I cut mine just to the measurement, going around my upper waist, and leaving enough tolerance for lower waist level too.

Step 2: Take the two hooks and sew it at one end of the belt.

Step 3: Now wear it the way you like it!!!

Wasn't that easy? Now make your own…

Happy DIY-ing :)