DIY Beauty: Cath Kidston Nail Art

DIY time!!!!!!!

Right! I had been thinking of doing this for months and now I have finally done it... And you know what? I am absolutely LOVING it!!! Anyway, coming to my inspiration, well, CATH KIDSTON! Need I say more? Just love the vintage patterns, from bags to shoes to clothes in soft hues with adorable floral or fruity prints... I mean, what's there not to like??? Anyway, here is something about the creator herself:

 "Catherine Isabel Audrey "Cath" Kidston, MBE, is an English fashion designer, businesswoman and author who is particularly known for her nostalgic floral patterns."

 Her designs are quite distinct with signature blue or other such calm backgrounds, and beautiful floral prints, mostly roses. Take a look at my inspirational patterns...


All you need:

1. Light blue nail paint
2. Green nailpaint
3. Pink nail paint
4. Green and red gel pen
5. Clear nail varnish

Step 1: apply a coat of blue nail paint on the cuticles.

Step 2: apply few short streaks of green for leaves on each fingers.

Step 3: Now apply little blobs of pink nail paint next to each or between each leaves.

Step 4: Now, use green gel pen to define the leaves if you want and use red gel to add details to the roses. Some people may call using gel pen cheating, but have you ever tried them? They are so freakin easy to use! I mean, why make it difficult for yourself when it is easily attainable with something as simple as a gel pen?

Step 5: Finally, apply a top coat of clear nail paint to seal up all the layers and the gel coat, which otherwise can be easily wipped off. And............................



 BTW, loving my birthday gift, a fabric jewellery bag, from Oliver Bonas, given by my beloved friends, Samiksha and Sarafina.