Dining with an Italian...

I REALLY love the Italians. Everything about their cultures is truly praise-worthy, the food, the language, the people, the beautiful warm country! So cheerful, so lively, so beautiful... I have always enjoyed hanging out with my italian pals, they are so amazing. They can make any conversation, no matter how dull, funny in a click of a finger... I highly recommend that everyone should have at least one italian friend in their friend-posy, you will never regret it...

And so, I had the privilege of being invited at this lovely dinner party by my beautiful friend, Chiara for an authentic Italian dinner. As much as I love dinner parties (to host and go to) I particularly love watching my friends prepare the food, especially if it's traditionally authentic (or authentically traditional), and learn from them. Anyway, here is a recipe of an Italian dish Chiara made for me with special ham all the way from Italy. It's quite simple and quick but D.E.licious and quite healthy too. Hope you enjoy!


300g mushroom, sliced
525g fresh tagliatelle pasta
200g proscuitto ham, chopped
2 garlic cloves
Dash of olive oil
Salt to taste


So, here are the directions as given by my friend. 

Step 1:  Heat a frying pan... Add olive oil till hot and add the two garlic cloves. 

Here's my beautiful friend, Chiara...

Step 2: Once brown, add the mushrooms and proscuitto. Btw, these are the proscuittos that she brought all the way from Italy since it is rather rare to find them in UK. 

Sprinkle some salt and keep frying till everything is tender and cooked. 

Meanwhile, we enjoyed together a jolly glass of Chilian wine I brought... Mmmm!

Step 3: Now, while the mushrooms and proscuitto cook, boil the fresh tagliatelle pastas for 3-4 minutes in a pot with salt.

And allllll done! Now, drain the pasta, add the mushrooms and proscuittos to the pasta and mix the two together till well combined.

Chiara also prepared some shaved parmesan to add on the pasta. Then she served it up on the plates. Now all we needed to go was add some more olive oil over the plate, sprinkle some cheese and ENJOYYYYYY!!!!

Amazing! So, simple yet so utterly delicious. Kudos to Chiara... Cheers!