"Destino" A masterpiece by Salvador Dali and Walt disney

This is just incredibly beautiful… A masterpiece of a collaboration between my the most favourite surrealist painter, master of surrealism, Salvador Dalí and animation skills of the legendary Walt Disney. OMG! Too much awesomeness in one single video!!! I love everything about this piece, starting from the art to the animations and the music by Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz.

Here's one of Dali's signature optical illusion and surrealism:

Truly inspirational!!! What's more intriguing is that this 6min short film, released back in 2003, took 58 years to complete! It was shelved or left dormant since 1945 till it was discovered by Disney's nephew in 1999 while working on Fantasia 2000. So glad he decided to revive it! Absolutely stunning work.

The video has a beautiful woman dancing through many surreal sceneries inspired by Dalí's world famous paintings. A 17 second original footage was included in the finished product as a reference to Bette Midler's host sequence for The Steadfast Tin Soldier in Fantasia 2000. There is a segment with the two tortoises is referred to in as an "idea that featured baseball as a metaphor for life".

As per wiki, here is the meaning of this beautiful piece:

"The story follows the love story of Chronos and the ill-fated love he has for a mortal woman." 

The forlorn lady, sad at her unfortunate love:

This scene in particular reminds me of disney cartoons, the voluptuous figures and the massive flaring dresses, it has a very "Beauty and the Beast" feel to it. Plus the dramatic background music at this point is also very disney like. 

And then there is this section with bearded men on a bicycle with french breads for beret… Hmmm… Don't know what it means but I am hungry now…

So, I hope you enjoyed and loved the video as much as I adore it. Stay inspired…

Love always,