Daisy Delight

 Dear Daisies
So, with the end of spring comes the end of flowering season. True, most of the colour is gone by the end of september and all we are left with are the warm hues (like reds, yellows, oranges and browns), however I'm quite happy to see certain wild flowers still merrily blooming away every day in my garden, such as my sweethearts, the pretty little daisies.

I'm going to be honest, I have already talked about them daisies sooooo many times before, such as during my daisy recipes, but honestly, I just never seem to get enough of them... I would soooo miss them once they are all gone for this year :(... But till then, here are some funky recipes that I would like to list and share with you that you can try out and utilize those weed flowers for:

1. Daisy Lollipops

Pretty fancy! Love flowers, love candies... What an excellent way to combine the two!!! Glad to find this incredible and extremely easy recipe by Sibylle from Fun.kyti.me :)

2. English daisy salad


Here is my own recipe to a refreshing salad made from english daisy leaves and flowers. Make it in a jiffy and relish!

3.  English daisies, cucumber and spinach soup

Another of my own recipe made from the goodness of garden fresh daisies and daisy leaves. Creamy and delectable, very enriching with vitamins and deliciousness... Excellent as a refreshing starter as well as a light main.

4. Daisy cake toppers


 Another very attractive post by Fun.kyti.me using the fresh english daisies, this time as one of the garnishing ingredients, in her recipe for a lovely victoria sponge cake. I sure am going to enjoy making it :D

5. Crispy batterd Ox-eye daisy snacks

Very similar to my recipe for battered dandelion fritters, these make excellent snacks, sweet or savoury, depending on how you like your nibblers. The ox-eye daisies are a different kinds of daisies from the Asteraceae family (that also includes the english daisies). 

That's all...

So long then, I hope you enjoy cooking with flowers and readily available edible wild flowers as much as I. Click here for 42 more edible flowers to eat... Until then

Loadsa love!