"Wearable Foods" By Yeonju Sung

These dresses are made from real consumable goods. Korean designer Yeonju Sung has created these fascitating dresses and outfits from regular food items that we find in any grocery stores such as fruits, vegetables, meat, even bubble gums... Taking advantage of the vibrant natural colours and textures of especially the fruits and vegetables, she has come up with such fascinating and creative designs... Simple, subtle and surreal! Very impressive indeed! Check her and her designs out in her website here.

And here are some of the amazing dress:

Banana Peel dress

Spring Onion dress (I can only imagine the BO this will give :p)
White Raddish Dress
Chives Dress
Tomato dress 1
Lotus Root Dress
Bubble Gum corset
Bubble Gum Dress
Red Cabbage Dress
Winter Mushroom Fringe Dress
Fried Egg Halter Dress
Bread Dress
Winter Mushroom Fringe Top
Tomato Dress 2
Eggplant (Aubergine or Brinjal) Dress

Such creative flair!! Well, not sure I'll ever wear such a dress in the near or distant future :p... Sure nice to come up something unique though :)

Love always,