Trend Alert - BOOTIES!!!

I love shoes. If there is one thing girls can't have enough, it's shoes :D So says the sign too!!!

I think making shoes is such fun art… The shapes, the colour, the patterns… And to make them in every sizes that there is, it's a work of supreme art. In fact I have a dream to own a shoe line of my own someday...

Anyway, today's post is all about booties! I love them, they are fabulous, work in all occasions, and you can never get them wrong… Let's take a look at few types of these booties that I personally like:

1. Furry booties

Cozy, comfortable and cute… They are your best friends in winters!

And don't worry, you can always opt for faux fur if you are sensitive about wearing real fur like me.

2. Candy booties

Hot in delicious colours… They are your everyday booties with a kink of candy. How can you say no to them?

3. Block statement booties

2013-2014 have seen designers bring BLOCK back with bright block style statements on Runways all the way to Celebrities on Red Carpet. So why not booties?

Although these booties are so high, to me they are more like "Can't-walk-in-them" booties or as my friend very cleverly puts it "Car-to-bar" booties cause all you can do is wear them from car till the bar and back, but not more :p

4. Fashionista booties

Pretty boots, kinky boots, savvy boots, sassy boots… A fashionista will always have a pair… Of each of course ;) Here are some of the types I'd love to own:

Lace mesh

Funny enough, I just did one of my own black lace booties DIY. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

 Lace Ups

Fancy heels

Kinky boots :)

5. You know what are great?

You know what are greater?

They are my perfect work boots, they are extremely smart… The heels needn't be too high but nothing says "BOSS" better than those hot pair of oxford boots.

My personal favourite is the one in black and white:

6. Irregular Choice booties

Known for their whacky innovative shoe designs, Irregular Choice never ceases to excite and amaze me with their funky collections… 

Check them out:

Inspiring! Just love their details... I will have a DIY coming up soon involving the Irregular Choice booties and other such fancy heels. Stay tuned…

With loads of shoe love,

Your little shoe fiend!