Water(melons) for Elephants

Summer time is not just the time for the sun and the beaches and the berries and the ice creams but also the time for sweet juicy delicious watermelons! So, after a long time here is another cocktail recipe from your very own JB's kitchen!!!

Let's get making...

   5 cups of seedless watermelon cubes
   1/2 cup fresh lime juice
   1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
   2/3 cup rum or vodka for an alcoholic cocktail or none for a refreshing punch.

In    Puree the watermelon and limejuice together in a blender until smoothness of personal preference, you can have it smooth or you can have it slightly chunky. In 4 of half a pint glasses add a shot of alcoholic drink per glass, throw in some mint leaves and then top it up with the watermelon puree/juice. Serve it on the rocks and pineapple cubes :p

Love always,

JB’s Kitchen