Summer berries and banana sorbet

Ah, summer time perks… Don't you just love fresh berries, straight from the bushes, chilled yogurts to cool you down during the heat, and potassium rich bananas as your power packed midday snack? And what could be better than having them all together with some goodness of honey?

Disclaimer: I just found, while browsing for food on they have the almost exact recipe under their "Breakfast" section. It is solely a coincidence, and I did not have any idea about its existence.

Well, here is a recipe for you that I made for my hot summer ;)

Berries and banana sorbet

For this I used:

1. 200g Blueberries
2. 300g Strawberries
3. 2 Bananas
4. 250g Greek Yogurt
5. Honey for sweetening and flavour

Making it is extremely simple and done in jiffy. Just blend all the fruits together. Then mix the blend with yogurt and honey in a large bowl. Once mixed thoroughly, either serve it as smoothie or pour it all in a freezer proof tumbler and freeze for 3-4 hours. It would serve at least 4.


I love summers (at least in UK), enjoying all the freshness of berries, sun kissed ripe fruits and frozen treats.

Hope you have a lovely summer too

Love always,

JB’s Kitchen