Layered Breakfast a.k.a. Breakfast Trifle

What a lovely, healthy and colourful first meal!!! It's packed with light (low fat) strawberry yogurt goodness, fresh fruits, and your favourite breakfast cereal/oats. What's there not to like?!?!

So, this is a breakfast recipe I came across while browsing through Tesco recipes... lol! I am not a fan of Tesco recipes, although I don't see any reason why not, I just recently discovered them while looking up "SORTED" recipes, of which I sure am a fan!

The recipe is originally from "Shake up your wake up" that emphasizes on the importance of breakfast (and one thing that I've been skipping a lot for a while unfortunately). This recipe is simple and makes a fun breakfast for adults as well as children too.


In a cup throw in some muesli or cereals as base. I used my favourite Country Crisp with maple and pecan nuts and filled 1/4th of the cup. Of course, a healthier option would be to use plain oats.

Then pour in the cup of yogurt into the cup.

Finally, top it up with fruits. I chose bluberries and strawberries as I always keep them in my kitchen for treats, snacks, dessert recipes or garnishing :)

Now, tuck in!!!!

Gosh, I must admit, ever since I came to UK, apart from weekend brunches, I don't think I've ever been so keen on my breakfast... This definitely could be an excellent way to revive my love for breakfast

Happy Sunday!