"Killer" by Adamski and Seal

Helloooo my dearies, long time since I last posted, apologies as I have been lazy and had no new interesting posts to show (although a lot of them good ones are under process!), I'll make it up with this phenomenal piece created way back in May 1990... "Killer" by Adamski and "Mr. Amazing" Seal.

This is my jam from I was 15. I just loved this song so much. More so when I heard one of my favourite Indian Rock bands, Pentagram, sing this song to the beats of Prodigy's hit single "Smack my b*tch up" just too well. How cool is that!

I don't know about anyone else, but this is the real dance music. An international chart topper of 90s and still beats some of the upcoming "noises". Seal has a sensationally unique voice that sounds like it is coming from his heart and soul (listen to "Amazing" if you don't believe me)...