Happy Independence Day!

"Mera Bharat Mahan"
(Translation: "My great India")

On this day of 68th Indian Independence Day, I am more than proud and nostalgic of my country and being an Indian.

Since my dad served in the Indian Air Force for more than 25 years, patriotism runs deep in our veins. And celebrating Indian Independence away from India for the third time in a row made me miss my beloved country a tad bit more and I was reminded…Reminded of all the colours, all the aromas, all the beauty, all the diversity, all my friends and my dearest family… There is indeed no other place like home. Geographically, ethnically, culturally, India is unique in the most beautiful way. Here are some vibrant pictures of my true India.

So incredible! How can you not fall in love with it? 

My heart sang the song of patriotism and I must say, I've never missed home more...