Floral Salad

Here are some garden fresh flowers that I picked to make my salad.

I have pea blossoms, rose petals and fuchsias. These, in my opinion, generally make great dessert flowers that I'd love to decorate my cakes and puddings with, but I'm sure it'd work just as fine in salads too. If you don't have these available then here is a list of 60 edible flowers that you can choose from.

Now before we throw them all in to make our lovely salad, let's check out the flowers I used one by one. These were all dripping wet in rain and freshly plucked just a few moments before assembling the salad:

Peas: pink florets that are sweet and crunchy, much like peas in taste. However, becareful not to use sweet pea flowers as they tend to be poisionous.

Pea blossom from front garden
Roses: don't even need to introduce them do I? They are vibrant and come in many many many scents, sizes and colours, they smell incredible and make everything look pretty :) The petals are edible (and so is the ripe rose hip) but the little white region at the bottom tip of the petal is quite strong and bitter, so remove that if you want before eating. I don't mind bitter in salad so I kept it here.

Fuchsias: When I was a kid I was told they are called "lady's earrings". I have always loved these flowers... Sooooooo pretty! I used fuchsia "regia" (a variety), these are ever so slightly sweet and a bit acidic too. Both the purple petals and red sapels are edible, however, care must be taken not to eat too many cause they contain nerve toxin called Oxalic acid that is not good in anyway in large doses. So keep it to 2-3 flowers a meal. The berries are edible too.

Fuchsia (regia) from the back flower garden

As pretty as they come
Red, pink and purple... Feels so like a Valentine bouquet...

Now, time to assemble and feast!

You'd need:
1. One small cucumber (halved and sliced)
2. One bowl of baby spinach
3. Handful of flowers
4. 6-8 cherry tomatoes
5. 2-3 teaspoons of lemon/lime juice for dressing

Mix in all the leaves, flowers and fruits together in a bowl and finish with a drizzle of lemon juice for dressing right before serving.

Note: Do not mix too hard or else the petals may bruise.

Enjoy as a starter, a healthy meal or a side!

Colours of healthy goodness
Salad with a hint of sweet with crunchy
Flowers for the MAN
Edible Flower Salad at your service!

JB’s Kitchen