DIY: Sequin Embellished Shorts

Here is a quick and short DIY by my amazingly stylish friend Nirupa, the same diva who inspired me to make my very own black lace booties. She is such a trend setter. I just love her fashion sense!

So this DIY, although her own original idea, is not so new. It has already been done in several variations by many such as thanks I made it and my fav. DIY blog A pair and a spare (Geneva is seriously so freakin' cool!). I've been wanting to do it since like forever and I'm quite happy she let me post it here :) It's easy, it's sassy, it's an outfit that adds lustre not just to the outfit but also to your personality! Hmm, I had also been planning to add sequins to A LOT of my outfits and accessories… DIY storm coming up soon ;) Anyway, Let's get it started...

So, to make your own sequin shorts, you'd need:

  • A pair of shorts
  • Sequin fabric piece
  • A template if you want
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread

Step 1: First of all get a pair of shorts... Don't have one? Well then, just grab them old reliable jeans and cut them to the length you want. Don't worry about them raw edges, that's what makes a daisy duke edgy ;)

Snip snip snip!

Step 1: Now, to add the bling!

 So my friend used an old golden sequin fabric.

You can use a template exactly in the shape of the area to be covered by placing a paper on it and drawing it out like so (steps 1-4). Or directly trace it out on the sequin fabric itself (with the help of pins and sharpie) and cut out the right pattern.

Sewing time!

Now cut cut cut and sew sew sew! Sew all around the edges carefully keeping in mind all the nooks and corners like the belt loop and all. And....... 

All done! 


Enjoy the shorts for a chic evening out with your girlfriends, shimmer up the summer festivals or just head over to the beach and be one with the sparkling sand!

Happy DIY-ing!!!

Love always,