DIY: quick sautéed potato snacks

Sautéed potatoes
Ever craved a salty chipsy snack but didn't know what to eat? Ever craved the carbs with some tang and zang? Well, I do too… So, while rummaging through my fridge and freezer to see what I could snack on (I prefer savoury), I found a packet of potato wedges in the freezer and a bottle of pasta sauce in the fridge. An idea clicked just then… Why not sautéed potato??

Well, you know, I often crave sautéed potato fries but feel lazy to cut the potatoes, boil them in water and then fry them in oil… If you want a "prefect" recipe, check here. As usual, I want a quick and easy way out…  So, this is one of those made-in-the-moment quick-fix DIY snacks that is quite easy to make, all with just two main ingredients:
Potato wedges and pasta sauce…

Step 1: First of all I defrosted and cut a few (about 1.5 cup) potato wedges in to small cubes.

Diced wedges
Step 2: Then in pan, I added a bit of olive oil and started frying my potatoes. Fry till it turns slightly brown on all sides. 

Step 3: Now this step is completely optional and depends on your own personal taste… I like a bit of strong flavour so I added black pepper, some ground cumin and a pinch of salt to give my potatoes more zang. You can either leave it as it is or add other spices you prefer.

Spices for flavour
Step 4: Add 2 tablespoons of the bolognese sauce or pasta sauce of your favourite brand and sauté for 10 more minutes. In case you don't like bolognese sauce you can add any other sauce you like. Quantity depends upon your own taste preference, like if you want it strong and saucy add more sauce, if you prefer it mild and crunchy use less sauce. If you don't want any, leave the sauce all together why not!

Time for the sauce…

And there you have it… Amazing savoury snack ready to eat! By the way, this recipe serves just one of me…

Dig in!
Wasn't that easy? Do tell me what you think. Until next meal…

Love always,

JB’s Kitchen