DIY: Home-made Dry Shampoo

I have oily skin and so my hair gets greasy quite easily. When I was in my teens I was into a lot of sports and activities, and being from India, it meant a lot of sweat, this rendered my hair greasy quite often even though I shampooed like 5 times a week and washed it every single day… BIG MISTAKE! So says DNews… (Human skin produces natural oil that is actually antibacterial and quite useful for skin. Watch the video and you'd know!) Hence, shampooing everyday is rather a bad idea. Anyway, coming to my teen years of literal bad hair days, every time my hair got greasy and I needed a quick fix, I'd sprinkle a bit of talcum powder on my roots to reduce flatness and give it a bit of bounce. Now talcs are VERY common in India, being a tropical, warm country, it's what keeps the prickly heats and bad odour at bay… I generally used any talc available at home. 

Results? Although it worked a little bit, believe me when I say this, I was actually murdering my hair! First of all the hair would feel extremely rough, then it will knot very easily with resulting to painful combing and breakage, and it also always left a bit of whitened roots exposed that looked as if I actually had white hair and I only dyed it dark brown. Then I moved on to applying dry shampoo spray on my roots, but that despairingly had the exact same effect on my hair as did the talc powder. It is only recently that I found this amazing recipe for dark hair like mine, made mostly from natural ingredients (hence pretty friendly to the hair) by one of my fav. DIY bloggers, Theresa a.k.a Reese Kistel, that I've actually used and found quite effective.

Here's what you need:

1. Talcum powder: any soft talc should do. Generally corn starch or Johnson's baby powder is great as advised by Reese but I only had my POND'S magic so I used it sparingly (as I didn't want it to roughen my hair again).

2. Cocoa powder: unsweetened cocoa powder to suit the dark hair like mine.

3. Cinnamon powder: to give extra darkness and the amazing festive flavour to the hair.

4. A small container: preferably like a powder dispensers... Since I didn't have one as I'm not big on make-up, I used an egg shell mould I had available from past Easter.


Well, I only made a tiny batch to start with as a try-out. I mixed two teaspoon of cocoa powder with 1 teaspoon of talc and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Mixed it till the amorphous powder was quite consistent in texture and colour.

Then I filled my egg shell which I had prepared by sealing the bottom holes with cell-o-tape.

Mix them together
Once filled, I sealed the opening sides of the egg shell too to prevent it from flying open by mistake on any given time unless required…

Seal the Humpty Dumpty
And that's it!


Sprinkle! Sprinkle! Sprinkle!
To apply, simply sprinkle on your roots and rub gently with your fingers until the powder blends in with the hair. Do that to all the major partitions, front and back as well.

Word of advice from Reese, apply the mixture BEFORE the hair gets greasy i.e. while the hair is still clean, bouncy and oil free, like after shampooing (and drying of course). If used once the hair is already greasy, although it will still make it less greasy, the effects won't be that great…


** The secret to my beautiful hair, homemade dry shampoo (bats eyes)**
(to be read in the voice of a dandy TV advertising model :p)

Well, I hope this DIY/tutorial helped solve your oily hair problem.

Till next time,

Loads of love,

sJB l