3 ingredients Chocolate Cream Cheesecake

So, after a very long break (and quite a hectic schedule for past few weeks) I am back with a deliciously easy 3-ingredient recipe for amazing cheesecakes in cups. First one I'd like to post is the chocolate cream cheesecake.


For this I used:

1. 8 medium Chocolate chipped cookies
2. 160g Philedelphia light cadbury chocolate cream cheese
3. 300ml Extra thick double cream


1. A large bowl
2. Electric beater
3. 2 short glasses
4. A spoon
5. Food processor/blender


Step 1:
First of all, prepare the biscuit base. Take 7-8 cookies out of the pack and grind it to powder in the food processor and set aside. For this I used my favourite milk chocolate chip cookies that are pretty sweet in itself hence I didn't have to add extra sugar. Some people add brown sugar in theirs for extra sweetness, and combine it with butter for the base to be less crumbly, you can do that too. You can also use proper chocolate buiscuits or cookies.

Step 2:
For the cheesecake filling pour out the extra thick double cream in a bowl and whip it with electric beater till soft peaks form. By the way, I broke my beater somehow :( need a new one for my next cheesecakes and cakes recipes...

Step 3:
Once the cream is stiff, add the Philadelphia light Cadbury cheese, really light, really chocolatey..."Made with real Cadbury milk chocolate"... :p Mix well. You can either mix it till it's of uniform colour or leave some swirls as I did... 

Step 4:
In two glasses first add the base layer and ram it down with a spoon. Then add the filling. Smoothen the top with a spoon again and just tuck in or chill to eat as dessert latter :)

And that is IT!

Now enjoy!!!

Love always...

JB’s Kitchen