Twice - Little Dragon

Of course you've heard this… 

Well, if you haven't, that's alright, listen to it now… 

This is one of my pensive songs that I just love listening to when I am at peace, not wanting any noise, not wanting to move, not wanting to do anything at all, just sit, close my eyes and listen...

"Was the blue night gone fragile…"

I love Little Dragon, they make these non-conventional music that might intimidate you, irate you or even elate you, but it will definitely make you FEEL. "Twice" is my favourite song by them and the best one IMO so far. I also love their collaboration with Gorillaz in "Empire ants." To be absolutely honest with you, Little Dragon isn't really my usual type of band or something I'd listen to on often but every now and then there is one such track that just grabs me and I just fall in love. Goes to say I don't really stick with one type of genre and absolutely love a medley, always in a look out for an enchanting non-conventional mainstream or otherwise soundtrack.

Do let me know what you think about them :)

Till then,

Loads of love,